Radiation stray test system

1、 Schematic diagram of radiation stray layout






2、 Test system scheme features:

1. The software is compatible with all instruments and equipment of mainstream brands on the market;

2. Automatically switch test links to reduce manual operation;

3. One-button automatic test;

4. Automatic data processing and one-click automatic report generation;

5. It can be customized freely according to customer requirements and supports modular upgrading

6. RF switch can meet software remote control, manual free combination, etc;

7.Meet the requirements of all test standards on the market

8. Comprehensively improve test efficiency and precision;

9. Humanized and reasonable design and layout of hardware, easy to operate and maintain;

10. Software interface experiential design: clear and simple, friendly and easy to use, and can be quickly used after simple training.

3、 Scope of application of the system:

RF switch can meet the requirements of 2/3/4/5G, BT WIFI all systems, stray test and radiation test;

4、 Introduction to test software:


software platform

Certification standards

RE_RSE V3.03


Main features of the software:

1. Support quick configuration of test templates, and call template quick test with one key during test;

2. Support historical data reading and report production;

3. Support the automatic calibration function, and the calibration data can be automatically imported into the software;

4. Support manual and convenient screenshots;

5. The software uses USB hardware encryption measures to support both Chinese and English versions;

6. Support print preview;

7. The software interface is friendly and concise.


5、 Radiation stray software test process:

1. Reference line calibration: fully automatic calibration;



2. Automatic test results of radiation stray: