The EMI test system integration of a testing center in Changsha has been successfully completed!

1、 Project overview

Shenzhen Changchuang Technology Co., Ltd., as a well-known professional EMC test system integrator in the industry, provides the turnkey project of the test system for the radiated emission and conducted emission projects of automobile parts:

The test items include: radiation emission test of parts/modules, with the frequency range of 150KHz-2.5GHz; Conducted emission test of parts/modules, frequency range 150KHz-245MHz

2、 Characteristics of products to be tested

This system is applicable to any electronic/electrical components used in vehicles, trailers and devices

3、 System capability

This system aims at relevant products and has the following testing capabilities for various products:

order number

Test content

Test standard

Corresponding national standard


Radiation test


Corresponding national standard GB 18655


Conduction test


Corresponding national standard GB 18655


The following is the live scene of the project integration



VAMP9243 antenna



Changchuang has rich practical experience in EMC system integration, and has built more than 20 laboratories in the past two years; A team of engineers proficient in EMC testing can provide customers with the most professional technical training and after-sales service



Test copper table


Changchuang Technology provides the most authoritative and widely used pre-certification test system for research and development projects; The system adopts the test software EMC32 of German R&S, and intelligently controls the test equipment to run and perform various tests, and issues a test report. It has been used in many certified laboratories, and the general reaction is easy to operate and the test results are accurate. Software design can be carried out according to customer requirements;




Software debugging site




Test bottom noise



Compared with other certified laboratories, the test report has good test consistency; The most important index in EMC test system is 'consistency of test results'. The system uses the most authoritative equipment, which can ensure the consistent test results with other certified laboratories.

The system has strong expansion capability. When other test items are expanded later (such as radiation disturbance test or radio frequency radiation immunity test in the darkroom), or when the standards are updated in the future, the system can continue to maintain its progressiveness to ensure that the bidding equipment will not be eliminated during its service life.

For more information about anechoic chamber/shielded room/EMC test/system integration/radiation spurious test system (RE/RSE), please follow our WeChat official account:

The EMI test system integration of a testing center in Changsha has been successfully completed!

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