Changchuang Science and Technology was recognized as "innovative small and medium-sized enterprises
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On November 30, the Longgang government announced online the list of 'innovative SMEs in 2022' under its jurisdiction, and Shenzhen Changchuang Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully selected by virtue of its enterprise strength.





       About 'Innovative SMEs in 2022'

       The 'list of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in 2022' issued by Longgang government online is based on the requirements of the Notice of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Printing and Distributing the Interim Measures for the Gradient Cultivation Management of High-quality Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (Enterprise [2022] No. 63 of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) issued by Guangdong Province. In order to do a good job in the cultivation of 'specialized and special new' enterprises in Longgang District and achieve 'specialized and special new' in the district The rapid development of enterprises in terms of scale and quality, the enhancement of enterprise innovation and market competitiveness, and the improvement of economic development toughness, further expand the specialized and special new enterprise cultivation base in accordance with the requirements of the notice of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology. On the afternoon of September 22, the project was sponsored by the Shenzhen Longgang District Investment Promotion and Enterprise Service Center, and guided by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Service The 'Longi Enterprise · Policy Collection' Longgang District 2022 Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Application Guidance Lecture held by Shenzhen Enterprise High-Quality Development Promotion Association.

        According to the Interim Measures of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the Gradient Cultivation and Management of High-quality SMEs, high-quality SMEs are composed of three levels: innovative SMEs, specialized new SMEs and specialized new 'small giants'. The above three levels of enterprises cultivate their development capabilities, and focus on improving their innovation capabilities, which is also the development path of enterprises throughout the future. They will continue to enhance the strength of the scientific and technological real economy, promote the rapid development of enterprises' 'specialization and innovation', create effective market demand, and provide new impetus for economic development.

About 'Changchuang Technology':

Changchuang Technology, founded on November 13, 2012, specializes in providing one-stop EMC test system solutions, RF test system solutions, and professional technical support, training, after-sales and other services. Business coverage: EMC test system and OTA test system in the fields of national military standards, automotive electronics, home appliances, lighting, information products, medical equipment, industrial equipment, etc; Design and construction of EMC and OTA darkrooms. The company's main customers are electronic product R&D and production enterprises, laboratories and certification institutions.

The company has offices in Shenzhen, Guilin, Shanghai, Qingdao and other places, and has its own machinery processing plant in Guilin.

In recent years, Changchuang Technology has been committed to applying for a national high-tech enterprise. It has 17 utility model patent certificates and computer software copyright registration certificates, such as a radio frequency switch, a radio frequency switch and filter combination structure, WIFI+BT test software V1.0; In the aspect of scientific research and innovation, it will continue to empower the enterprise's R&D and manufacturing.

Changcheng Changzhi, create excellence!

This time, Changchuang Technology was successfully selected into the '2022 Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Publicity List', which further explains that Changchuang Technology's professional ability, innovation ability and future development potential have been recognized by relevant government departments and the industry;

  We adhere to the concept of 'constant success and creation of excellence', combine our rich EMC and RF technology knowledge, and years of system integration experience to help corporate customers establish an economic and effective EMC design, test and diagnosis system. We will do our best to improve product quality and enterprise competitiveness for customers.

For more information about anechoic chamber/shielded room/EMC test/system integration/radiation spurious test system (RE/RSE), please follow our WeChat official account:

The EMI test system integration of a testing center in Changsha has been successfully completed!

,We will ask professional engineers to answer for you!


Address of Shenzhen office: B1415, Rongde Times Square, Huaqiao Xincun Community, Henggang Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen

Address: No.3, Yanziyan Village, Aishantang, Xiufeng District, Guilin, Guangxi

Tel: 86-0755-26434420

Changcheng Changzhi, create excellence!

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Changchuang Science and Technology was recognized as
On November 30, the Longgang government announced ...