How about after-sales service of Changchuang Technology frequency-closed room? What after-sales serv
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Changchuang Technology mainly provides the following services for the after-sales service of the shielded room:


1. Provide your company with complete technical data after completion: a complete set of design drawings, main equipment instructions, etc.

2. Provide technical training for users' operation and maintenance personnel free of charge, so that the personnel participating in the training can master the operating procedures of the equipment and be able to repair and maintain normally.

3. The fixed shield is guaranteed free of charge for 10 years; Shielded doors, filters, etc. are warranted for 3 years.

4. We will be responsible for the after-sales technical service and maintenance in the first time for the problems after the shield room is established. The company has full-time technicians in after-sales service organizations, ready to provide fast and satisfactory after-sales service at any time, and our company provides two maintenance services within the warranty period. The user shall notify the supplier in writing within 15 days after finding the problem and give a detailed description of the problem. The general problem shall be answered immediately, and the difficult problem shall be answered within 24 hours. When the on-site service is required, the after-sales service and technical personnel of Changchuang will arrive at the site within 2 working days. Spare equipment shall be provided for equipment that cannot be repaired within 10 working days. If equipment or accessories need to be replaced, they shall be repaired within 30 days. Provide reliable guarantee for the normal operation of your company's engineering facilities and equipment.

5. Within the warranty period: free of travel expenses, staff salaries and accessories.

6. The warranty does not cover the damage caused by the user's failure to operate according to the seller's operation manual.

For more information about anechoic chamber/shielded room/EMC test/system integration/radiation spurious test system (RE/RSE), please follow our WeChat official account:

The EMI test system integration of a testing center in Changsha has been successfully completed!

,We will ask professional engineers to answer for you!


Address of Shenzhen office: B1415, Rongde Times Square, Huaqiao Xincun Community, Henggang Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen

Address: No.3, Yanziyan Village, Aishantang, Xiufeng District, Guilin, Guangxi

Tel: 86-0755-26434420

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