Changchuang Technology after-sales service system
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Changchuang has established an independent professional technical support and after-sales service team, providing good pre-sale and after-sales services for the products sold by the company. Changchuang Company attaches special importance to the quality of service, and strives to provide the best service for its customers based on professional technology and high-quality service.


echnical advisory services

  In order to better carry out technical exchanges with customers, Changchuang has specially allocated professional technical personnel to quickly and effectively solve the problems encountered in pre-sale and after-sales services for customers through telephone consultation or on-site visits.

√  Laboratory configuration consulting service

After the contract is signed, we will assist in providing necessary laboratory installation data, including power supply system, ventilation system and air conditioning system. Before the delivery of instruments and equipment, we will notify the relevant delivery time in writing, and estimate the customs declaration and transportation time, so that the customer can fully grasp the arrival time, so as to arrange the setting of the laboratory. When the goods arrive, we will send personnel to inspect the goods with the customer at the same time.

√  Equipment installation service

After the instruments and equipment arrive at the laboratory, we and the professional technical engineers of the original factory are responsible for on-site installation, calibration and testing. During the commissioning, the customer's technical personnel are welcome to participate in the study. After the commissioning, we will provide complete operation and use training courses to the user's staff, and will carry out some basic troubleshooting methods. In case of any problem, it can eliminate the fault in real time, reduce the loss and restore the normal operation of the equipment as soon as possible.

√  User technology and application training

With deep and solid professional knowledge, Changchuang Company cooperates with professional technical engineers to provide users with the best quality services, train product use knowledge and application technology, basic maintenance and system configuration. In addition to providing perfect training services, we also hold technical exchange meetings for customer operators from time to time, organize our customers to talk with our professional application engineers about the skills and knowledge of learning software applications. These trainings are of great help to improve the operation level of customers. We provide long-term technical support and service for equipment.

On-site installation, commissioning and training content

       Our company will provide on-site installation and commissioning, and send engineers to be responsible for on-site project implementation and on-site commissioning to ensure correct and perfect installation. During the commissioning process, the responsible engineer of the customer shall be informed of every commissioning detail to ensure that the customer can fully understand the operation principle and process.

       After installation and commissioning, we will provide the following training:

       1. Be familiar with relevant test standards

       2. Hardware operation

       3. Software operation

       4. Test procedure and report

       5. System maintenance and calibration

       6. Analyze and compare the measured data according to the standard.

       7. System maintenance.

       We and our partners have a complete sales and maintenance service network. All hardware and software systems will meet the warranty conditions according to the indicators, so that customers can rest assured!

For more information about anechoic chamber/shielded room/EMC test/system integration/radiation spurious test system (RE/RSE), please follow our WeChat official account:

The EMI test system integration of a testing center in Changsha has been successfully completed!

,We will ask professional engineers to answer for you!


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